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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay for my pet's appointment?

Most pets are distracted by having their moms and dads be present during grooming, resulting in a longer and more stressful groom. It’s not recommended that moms and dads stay; however, in special cases we are more than happy to accommodate this.


Too much bathing can result in your pet’s skin becoming dry.

We recommend every 6-8 weeks for a healthy coat!


How often should I bring my pet to be groomed?

How should I prepare for my pet’s visit?

Top Hat & Tails – Dog Groomer in Cambridge, Ontario

Please arrive on time for your pet to ensure a timely visit. In addition to this, please let me know any behavioural concerns, allergies, or pre-existing issues or concerns so that we can ensure your furry family member’s well-being during the visit. It’s also helpful if your pet has already relieved themselves before they come into be groomed.


What about matts?

Matting is very painful for your pet. It can twist the skin, stop blood circulation, contribute towards infections, restrict comfortable movement and make it hard to discover medical conditions. To prevent matting, groom your pet on a regular basis and do at-home brushing often.  Chat with me about which type of brush or comb is best for your at-home grooming. If a dog comes in with extreme matts, we will not cause pain to the dog by brushing out the fur – the best way to deal with it is to start fresh by shaving the coat.

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